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EFT Research Paper

Thought Field Therapy and Trauma Recovery

Citation: Folkes, C. (2002). Thought Field Therapy and trauma recovery. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 4(2), 99-104. Click here to review Abstract http://goo.gl/5h0VJ0


People who have been repeatedly exposed to traumatic events are at high risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Refugees and immigrants can certainly be in this category, but seldom seek professional therapy due to cultural, linguistic, financial, and historical reasons. A rapid and culturally sensitive treatment is highly desirable with communities new to Western-style healing. In this study of 31 clients, a pre-test was given, all participants received Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and were then post-tested after 30 days. Pre-test and post-test total scores showed a significant drop in all symptom sub-groupings of the DSM criteria for PTSD. The findings of this study contrast with the outcomes of other methods of treatment, and are a significant addition to the growing body of data on refugee mental health.

Editor’s Note

The original full paper was not obtained and reviewed by this author and so greater specifics as to methodology and statistical analysis was no available to make note of.