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The Effect of EFT on Soccer Performance

Can EFT Help Competitive Soccer Players Perform Better?

Citation: Llewellyn-Edwards, T., & Llewellyn-Edwards, M. (2012, Spring). The effect of EFT (emotional freedom techniques) on soccer performance. Fidelity: Journal for the National Council of Psychotherapy, 47, 14–19. Click here to view Abstract http://goo.gl/QcI68F


This study involved the use of a short session of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with two English ladies soccer teams. It is a randomized controlled trial with a supporting uncontrolled trial. It was designed to verify the results of an earlier similar American trial involving basketball players. The results show a significant improvement in goal scoring ability from a dead ball situation following a short EFT session. These results support those of the earlier trial.

Editor’s Note

26 women soccer players between the ages of 15-30 were participants in a trial to see the effect of a brief group session of EFT on their ability to successfully score an unchallenged soccer goal from 50 feet away with one group receiving a brief 10 minute intervention of EFT and the other normal soccer technique coaching. The EFT intervention and coaching were both provided after warm up and a beginning series of penalty goal attempts. The results, despite a small sample size, did reveal a statistically significant difference between the two groups that the author hypothesizes may relate to a decrease in associated anxiety levels for the EFT group.