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The Case for Energy Psychology: Snake Oil or Designer Tool for Neural Change?

Feinstein, D., The Case for Energy Psychology: Snake Oil or Designer Tool for Neural Change? The Psychotherapy Networker, Nov. 2010 (this is a slightly modified version of the original article as it appeared). Click here for Full Article PDF (no abstract available. This article appeared in a professional mental health periodical not a peer reviewed research paper).

Craig’s Commentary

This paper by psychologist David Feinstein offers a more personal view of his journey of discovery into the world of Energy Psychology. Here is a glimpse into the article as he discusses his foray in the 1970s of after being appointed to the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins: ” More than 200 new brands of therapy were popping up on the workshop circuit, promoted in the alluring new language of “peak experiences,” “personal growth,” and “selfactualization.” During the next seven months, I investigated 46 of these new therapies, studying their uneven literatures, conducting extensive telephone or in-person interviews with their primary proponents, and directly experiencing more than a dozen in weekend workshops or other formats.”

The article winds its way through his involvement with Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine through his wife and partner, Donna Eden, a well-known natural healer and the author of Energy Medicine, as well as his first personal exposure to the use of EP methods for fast-acting phobia resolution. This article offers insight into the journey of one of the most respected clinicians and research author’s in the field of Energy Psychology.