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EFT Research Paper

Raising and Lowering HRV: Some Clinical Findings of Thought Field Therapy

Citation: Calllahan, R. (2001a). Raising and lowering HRV: Some clinical findings of Thought Field Therapy. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 57(10), 1175-86. Click here to view Abstract http://goo.gl/9fuCS0


This clinical report presents some of the findings in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) that show both raising and lowering of heart rate variability (HRV). TFT algorithms are effective, but the specificity of diagnosed treatment gives results that are superior to algorithms. Some TFT treatments take only seconds to yield improved results on HRV. Toxins can undo a cured problem and lower HRV. TFT can overturn the effect of some toxins. It is hypothesized that TFT works by inputting a specific code that addresses and effects the healing system. HRV may be a measure of general physical and mental health.

Editor’s Note

This is an early research report on the use of TFT for measuring changes in Heart Rate Variability, Original paper was unavailable for review.