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Promising PTSD Treatment Approaches a Systematic Clinical Demonstration Project of Promising PTSD Treatment Approaches

Thought Field Therapy (TFT), EMDR, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Visual-Kinesthetic Disassociation as Promising PTSD Treatment Approaches

Citation: Carbonell, J.L., & Figley, C. (1999). Running Head; Promising PTSD Treatment Approaches A systematic clinical demonstration project of promising PTSD treatment approaches. Traumatology, 5(1); Click here to view Abstract http://goo.gl/vwjyKW


Traumatic Incident Reduction, Visual-Kinesthetic Disassociation, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Thought Field Therapy were investigated through a systematic clinical demonstration (SCD) methodology. This methodology guides the examination, but does not test the effectiveness of clinical approaches. Each approach was demonstrated by nationally recognized practitioners following a similar protocol, though their methods of treatment varied. A total of 39 research participants were treated and results showed that all four approaches had some immediate impact on clients and appear to also have some lasting impact. The paper also discusses the theoretical, clinical, and methodological implications of the study.

Editor’s Note

The editor was unable to obtain the full research paper and therefore unable to comment on the methodologies nor the results of this study.