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EFT Research Paper

Pain and Anxiety Reduction of First Stage Maternity Mothers Using SEFT Intervention

Citation: Yuniarsih, S. M., Ropi, H., & Maryati, I. (2015). Pain and anxiety reduction of first stage maternity mothers using SEFT intervention. Pena Jurnal Ilmu Pengetahuan Dan Teknologi, 28(2).


Pain and anxiety are major problems in childbirth. Management of pain and anxiety made to smooth the process of childbirth. This study aimed to compare the effect of spiritual intervention and Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) to reduce both pain and anxiety. The study design used was quasi-experiment with consecutive sampling technique. The subjects involved were 36 mothers giving birth at health centers PONED Pekalongan which divided into two groups, SEFT intervention as intervention group and spiritual intervention as control group. The instrument used was numeric rating scale. Data were analyzed using the Mann Whitney U test, Wilcoxon and Independent t Test. The results showed there were differences in average decrease in pain and anxiety between two groups. SEFT intervention proven to reduce pain intensity of the first stage and maternal anxiety was better than spiritual intervention.

Link to Journal: http://unikal.ac.id/Journal/index.php/lppm/article/view/360 with full article pdf available in Indonesian

Craig’s Notes

It is wonderful to find that tapping research is being done in Indonesia. It is also good news that researchers are exploring the use of EFT with the pain and anxiety management regarding childbirth as this is an arena that I have witnessed and know of EFT to be incredibly effective and much needed. Unfortunately, the only description I can yet find on SEFT is its use of tapping stimulation on 9 meridian endpoints including the top of head point. Otherwise I am unable to locate clear distinctions on the nature of SEFT (Spiritual EFT as opposed to traditional clinical EFT).