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EFT Research Paper

Investigation on Emotional Freedom Technique Effectiveness in Diabetic Patients’ Blood Sugar Control

Citation: Mahnaz Hajloo, Dr. Hassan Ahadi, Dr. Hossein Rezabakhsh, Dr. Adis Kraskian mojembari, Mediterranean Journal of Social Science, December 2014 MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy, Vol 5 No 27 December 2014


Chronic diseases are a major cause of death and illness in the world and diabetics is in sixth rank. As Harati in 2009 noted the prevalence of 2nd type diabetes in Iran has accelerated so that more than 1 percent of Iranians over age 20 are affected by it each year. The present study is done in order to improve glycemic control in diabetic patients, reducing the need for costly medical services and enhance their mental health and remove the burdens of the patients and the community. The research method selected 30 diabetic patients of Imam Hossein in Tehran with testing (pretest – posttest of control group) and sampling method in 2012 and randomly classified them into two groups : group1 (treated with EFT- method by Gary Craig , 1995) and the control group . Testing of blood glucose, HbA1C was used as a tool for gathering information for one – way analysis of covariance univariate. The results (Fob:7.24>Fcr:4.22) showed that EFT method was effective in controlling blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Link to Original Study: http://www.mcser.org/journal/index.php/mjss/article/viewFile/5207/5024

Craig’s Notes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that ranks sixth in major causes of death in the world. This Iranian study was conducted to examine whether EFT would improve glycemic control in diabetic patients, thus reducing the need for costly medical and over-reliance on community.

One way to get improve the negative impact of diabetes is to reduce stress and increase mastery over emotions, since stress increases the bloodstream’s glucose supply in an attempt to supply energy to meet the perceived danger. Since EFT is shown to reduce stress levels, researchers postulated that it could be effective in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics.

The study sample consisted of 30 patients with type 2 diabetes. They were divided into two groups, with one receiving EFT treatment, and the control group receiving no intervention. Blood glucose testing was performed on all participants before receiving 12 sessions of EFT over the course of 3 months, and afterward.

So… what were the results?

The EFT group showed a decrease in blood sugar levels just as hypothesized, while the control group did not. These results were consistent with the findings of other researchers conducting similar studies. The researchers of this study suggest further research both with larger sample sizes and with diabetic patients in other cities.