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Evidence and Potential Mechanisms for Mindfulness Practices and Energy Psychology for Obesity and Binge-Eating Disorder

Paper Investigates the Use of Energy Psychology Tapping and Mindfulness as Potentially Effective Approaches of Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity

Citation: Sojcher, R., Fogerite, S.M., Perlman, A. (2012) Evidence and Potential Mechanisms for Mindfulness Practices and Energy Psychology for Obesity and Binge-Eating Disorder Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, 8(5), 271-276. Click here to view Abstract http://goo.gl/Jc2Sx0


Obesity is a growing epidemic. Chronic stress produces endocrine and immune factors that are contributors to obesity’s etiology. These biochemicals also can affect appetite and eating behaviors that can lead to binge-eating disorder. The inadequacies of standard care and the problem of patient noncompliance have inspired a search for alternative treatments. Proposals in the literature have called for combination therapies involving behavioral or new biological therapies. This manuscript suggests that mind−body interventions would be ideal for such combinations. Two mind−body modalities, energy psychology and mindfulness meditation, are reviewed for their potential in treating weight loss, stress, and behavior modification related to binge-eating disorder. Whereas mindfulness meditation and practices show more compelling evidence, energy psychology, in the infancy stages of elucidation, exhibits initially promising outcomes but requires further evidence-based trials.

Editor’s Note

This discussion paper explores the epidemic problem of obesity as well as Binge Eating Disorder (BID). Given inadequate standards of care, the authors explore two categories of mind-body therapies that show hope for addressing the emotional-behavioral aspects of these two conditions. This paper explores the role that stress and mindless eating may play in these conditions and then reviews potential mechanisms of action and the body of research that is growing for both Energy Psychology Methods (mentioning studies for the application of EFT and TAT specifically) that have studied their efficacy with a reduction in cravings and weight loss.) and Mindfulness Meditation (including MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and newer combinations of MBSR with Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT), Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training MBEAT, and Mindful Eating and Living MEAL programs. The authors recommend that “this family of “Noninvasive Somatic Interventions” (aka Energy Psychology methods) should be further tested for its role in the treatment of obesity.”