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EFT Research Paper

Case Studies Explore the Use of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for the Treatment of Tinnitus

Citation: Pasahow, RJ. (2009). Energy Psychology and Thought Field Therapy in the treatment of tinnitus. Int Tinnitus Journal, 15(2):130-133. Click here to read Abstract and Full Paper http://goo.gl/53Ojtp


Numerous treatment modalities for decompensated tinnitus incorporate psychological principles. Procedures of energy psychology and thought field therapy are introduced in two case studies. Data were collected from psychotherapy sessions and psychological tests. Two case studies demonstrated that thought field therapy reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety in decompensated tinnitus patients. The methods of thought field therapy can be taught to non–mental health professionals. Audiologists and psychotherapists should collaborate to develop more efficacious treatments

Craig’s Comments

This 2009 research on the use of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) cites two case studies of decompensated tinnitus patients. They showed that symptoms of depressions and anxiety were reduced. The article went on to say that TFT could be taught to non-mental health professionals and called for audiologists and psychotherapists to explore this modality.