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Your Home for All Things Tapping

EFT Tapping Training Institute podcast covers all aspects of EFT Tapping from practical tips, to becoming a certified practitioner. Learn to master the art, science and business of EFT Tapping. Your show hosts are master EFT trainers Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner.

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Episode 10 – Systemic Racial Justice, EFT, and Emotions

Featured in this podcast is Regine Monestime, JD. She is a practicing attorney, public speaker and retreat leader/coach who uses EFT to facilitate transformational change, primarily in the black female community. In this special episode we explore the uncomfortable, the emotional side of white privilege…we are living in a time of what feels to some…

Episode 9 – How to Use EFT with Singles Seeking Relationships

In this podcast Alina Frank, author of How to Want Sex Again using EFT,  offers her top tips from her Learning to Find Love course and EFT relationship coach program on what obstacles are most important for EFT practitioners to focus on in order to clear the way to finding ideal romantic relationships. Years of…

Episode 8 – Using EFT for Partner Relationship Challenges

This is the first of several EFT Nation episodes focusing on relationships. This show explores how to use EFT when you are getting triggered by your partner, whether if be about how to find calm after a disagreement or when you are at the end of your rope. What is the best strategy to begin…

Episode 7 – Tapping into the Emotional Roller-Coaster and Grief of the Pandemic

People are experiencing emotional extremes as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to effect communities and individuals in waves. Today we explore the role of grief as individuals experience the loss of so many things ranging from health to work and financial stability to the absence of interpersonal contact and connection. There is also a concept of…

Episode 6 – Tapping for Financial Fears from the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this podcast we explore many of the financial stressors and fears that so many people are experiencing with the current COVID-19 situation. Fear, anxiety, stress, anger, helplessness are kicking in from loss of work, business, clients and income. These emotions can be significantly exacerbated by “core beliefs” that stem from earlier life experiences. In…

Episode 5 – EFT for Physical Conditions

Today’s episode explores effective ways to use EFT for working on relief of your physical symptoms. By focusing on the stressful emotions associated with your condition and learning to listen to your body’s reactions you can find the emotional contributing factors that may just be getting in the way of your body’s natural healing responses….

Episode 4 – EFT for Self-Help

EFT for Self-Help: This episode we explore questions like how do I use of EFT for myself, how long should I tap for, should I do it myself or work with a professional, how do I do it in public without feeling embarrassed, are there different ways to stimulate the points, can I change the…

Episode 3 – The Science of EFT

The Scientific Research Supporting EFT: This show summarizes how the published research defines EFT and highlights of some of the best studies demonstrating EFT’s effectiveness for chronic pain, gene expression, cortisol levels and more.

Episode 2 – What is EFT?

What is EFT? There are many misconceptions regarding what EFT actually is. Listen to co-directors of the EFT Tapping Training Institute as they explore different ways to think about this healing modality used by millions of people around the world.

Episode 1 – Welcome to EFT Nation

Welcome to EFT Nation with master EFT trainers Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner. Each future episode will feature a different aspect of the art, science or business of EFT Tapping.