This podcast explores the ways that Internal Family Systems, as developed by Richard Schwartz, can offer an understanding for the many internal aspects of an individual that can be addressed with EFT.

Marion Blique explains how IFS can be used as a powerful lens to help better understand the myriad of inner personalities all of which contribute to why an individual makes certain choices or reacts in ways that may not seem to make sense but are the understandable sequelae of survival mechanisms at play.

Together we explore the role of inner parts such as exiles, firefighters, managers, inner critics and how “blending” with any individual part can lead to less desirable outcomes. We also discuss the larger “self” acting like the director of a symphony can be worked with in order to support a client to gain healing, wisdom and self autonomy. The conversation also includes the stalemate of polarization and complications of dissociation.

Marion also shares several client case studies to illustrate how both IFS and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can be combined in a client session.

Marion BliqueMarion Blique is a French Clinical Psychologist who has resided in the US since 1983. Upon her arrival in the US, she delved into the study of trauma and somatic approaches to deal with the healing of the deeper impacts of trauma on her clients. This included such aspects as: bodywork, Polarity, shiatsu, and mental imagery which she integrated into her more formal French psychoanalytic training, allowing her to address the healing of her clients more fully. In continuing her exploration of the impact of trauma she discovered Energy Psychology (EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, AIT, TAT…) around 2000; it was the missing tool allowing her to work on all levels of the psyche of clients: mental, emotional, physical (somatic) and spiritual. She trained in 2010 with Richard Schwartz and later obtained her level 1 with Tony Herbine-Blank, while she continued to deepen her studies on the somatic level.

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