OK, start tapping, in this podcast we focus on the legal stuff that can make some EFT Tapping practitioners nervous. We discuss with Midge Murphy challenges and misunderstandings regarding scope of practice, websites, testimonials and the use of practitioner description and titles. Awareness and knowledge will decrease your legal risk of a complaint ever being filed against you. This kind of information, all licensed and unlicensed practitioners need to know!

Special Announcement: On October 1 we will be hosting our guest for a special event: EFT Practitioner Legal Risk Management Webinar: Can and will states require EFT Tapping Practitioners to be licensed in order to practice? click here for more information 

As an energy healing practitioner and the first attorney to receive her PhD in energy medicine from Holos University, Midge has a deep understanding of both the law and the alternative healing arts. This allows her to lend her expertise as a bridge between the two worlds. For over 15 years, Midge has been providing consulting services to a multitude of clients in ethics, legal issues, and risk management strategies in the practice of and training in energy healing methods.

In 2015 Midge published her ground breaking book Practice Energy Healing in Integrity; the Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically which she updated and expanded in 2020. She also developed an Exam based on the book, providing practitioners with the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion. Since first published, the book and related Exam have been recognized as the gold standard in the field of energy healing methods. In addition, she offers her EFT Tapping Ethics/Legal Online Certificate Course which has been recognized as the gold standard for EFT Tapping practitioners. www.midgemurphy.com

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