When working to overcome many of life’s challenges or to change an unhealthy behavior our final category of why we may not feel ready for such a change is the sense of lack of safety. This is often experienced as a sense of fear or lack of sense of safety when considering how life will be as the desired change unfolds. Whether we are trying to lose weight, release resentment, put ourselves out there in our business etc., a felt sense of not being safe may emerge through body sensations, procrastination, avoidance, shutting down and more. Our past experiences “wire into” our nervous systems parameters for what feels safe vs threatening. Through a polyvagal/trauma informed lens we explore this most important final category of source of psychological reversals.

Part 2 – Episode 36 Overcoming Challenges of Self-Deserving as a Source of Secondary Gains / Psychological Reversals

Part 1 – Episode 35 Overcoming “Identity Conflicts” as a Source of Secondary Gains / Psychological Reversals

Here’s the podcast episode on the overview of psychology reversal/secondary gains.

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