Using EFT Tapping to Reduce Your Cravings

EFT Tapping has been well documented to help reduce cravings, most specifically food cravings. EFT can be a powerful tool, especially around times that can abound with stressful triggers, ie. holidays, the COVID 19 epidemics, stressful work environments, times of financial stress and more. A Craving is a strong desire that if unfulfilled can produce powerful physical and emotional suffering and often lie at the heart of addictive and compulsive behaviors. Depending on the extent of the cravings and the physical, emotional psychological, financial and relationship consequences an individual may be able to be successful while working on their own but may need the help and support of a trained professional. The difference between a craving for a bag of potato chips is very different than the craving to go gambling at the casino.

In this podcast we explore:

  • What cravings are and what some of the most common ones are with regards to food, substances and behaviors.
  • How to create your own EFT tapping setup statement to get immediate results in decreasing your cravings and how to get specific with it.
  • When the best timing is to tap on your cravings
  • Understanding the key role that Psychological Reversals aka Self Sabotage can play when working with cravings
  • The connection between childhood trauma and cravings
  • An insight into the research behind EFT with regards to cravings
  • Understanding the difference between a Craving and an Addiction and why that’s important

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