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Judging Your Clients

Do You Really Think That You Are Not Judging Your Clients?

You might consider yourself a rational and logical person. You might be convinced that as an EFT coach that your are perfectly neutral and not bringing any biases to your client sessions. You might think that you don’t judge people. You see yourself as open-minded. Are you really as objective as you think you are? As Gary Craig used to say, “Everybody judges everybody else, period. You just have to get over it and not prevent this from stopping you from fulfilling your dreams.”

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Past lives

Working on Past Lives with EFT

I recently read about a study that was conducted over a period of twenty five years at the University of Virginia with children who have instances of recalling what they characterized as having experienced past life recall. Most of these children have clear prior to conception memories between the ages of two until seven years of…

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EFT for Anxiety

EFT for Anxiety; The Many Shades of Worry

People ask us if EFT can help anxiety or excessive worrying all the time. Continuing research shows EFT to be very effective for working with anxiety. As an EFT coach I am very careful to find out if a client has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and is under treatment for it before I initiate working with them and if so, I ask permission to communicate with their provider. This last month I have had more requests for working with people complaining of this more than I can ever recall.

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When to end it

When to End It, When to Stay

When to End It, When to Stay points to the question and conundrum that many individuals in troubled relationships feel when they have tried everything and still are not happy despite all their good intentions and efforts and don’t know what to do.

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Energy Psychology

The Emergence of Energy Psychology; The Next Wave of Health, Where Brain and Energy Converge

Energy Psychology is starting to appear in more mainstream medicine circles as it begins exploring ways to incorporate meditation, prayer, music, and the creative arts into the world of health care.

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Right Brain Aerobics

Right Brain Aerobics is an ‘Brain Workout’

The first step is to open your mind.

“Ask people if they are creative and they give you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ They say, ‘I’m not creative, I’m a CPA.’ Or ‘I’m not creative, I’ve never been able to draw,'” he said.

“Creativity isn’t only about art or music. What for me is creative might be different for you. It’s how to negotiate a relationship problem or a stalemate with a teenager or create a new product at work that can be bought to market.”

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Early Life Traumas: Accurate Predictions of Adult Health?

After 22 years as a chiropractor, I have no doubt that most of my patients’ symptoms have their origins in more than just the obvious physical causes. There is nearly always more involved than a patient having “slept wrong” or “moved the wrong way.”

Every day I take patient histories, I’m told what they think caused their headache or sciatic pain. When I inquire deeper, I will often uncover a significantly stressful event that occurred prior to the onset of their pain.

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Subconscious mind

EFT and the Power of the Subconscious Mind

There is so much being said these days about the value of engaging your subconscious mind in permanent change and transformation. There are some very important tenets of the subconscious and unconscious mind that you need to understand in order to effectively tame it and allow it to work for you instead of against you through self sabotage.

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Power of Matrix Reimprinting

Discovering the Power of Matrix ReImprinting EFT

Author: Alina Frank Article Source: eftarticles.com My Discovery Story I had believed that I had a perfect tool for myself and my clients when I came across EFT. I healed myself of an autoimmune condition and felt that I had all I needed to clear most complaints. A few years ago someone told me that…

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Confessions of a Successful EFT Coach

True Confessions of a Wildly Successful EFT Coach Part 1

I am unaware of any valid report measuring professional practice statistics to review my theory, but I see the vanishing wishes and dreams of struggling EFT coaches everywhere and this is the inspiration for my writing this series of articles.

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Korean War

Korean War Veteran Finds Emotional Freedom 50 Years Later

Author: Alina Frank Article Source: eftuniverse.com Eighty-two year young Arnie L. thought he was attending the EFT Universe tapping trainings to learn a tool to assist his 12-step program sponsorees. Little did he know he’d be transformed in the process by releasing 50 years of held war trauma and guilt. Arnie had learned about EFT…

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Spontaneous remission

Spontaneous Remission and EFT

Dr. Joe Dispenza, DC interviewed over 170 people from around the world who had baffled their physicians by going into spontaneous remission. His curiosity about healing and the brain led him to discover what these people had in common which he then titled the 4 pillars of health. His findings fit the description for the clients I have worked with that have used EFT or Matrix to completely recover from a life threatening or at least life altering condition. In this article I’ll share ways to achieve these pillars with some tapping.

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