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Working on Yourself is a Must if You Want to Succeed in the EFT Business

Working on Yourself

A few weeks ago I had a very upset client come into my office to tell me off! I rent an office inside the East West Bookshop in Seattle one day each week. I began seeing clients there when I had a consistent client base in the city. (We advocate keeping overhead expenses low when you first start your EFT business.) My practitioner suite is a private room in the back of the store with sliding name plates on the door; one has my name on it and the other reads “in session”. My door is kept open between sessions. There’s a small area at the front of the store that was recently turned into a tea sipping area. To give a little history, this particular client had their her initial session the week prior. At that time she had asked the front desk staff to show her where my office door was, and as instructed in my pre-session handouts, she walked in through my office door at the exact time of our session. The next week however. I sat with my office door wide open for several minutes before the hour and waited, and waited, and waited. About 20 minutes later I assumed that she had missed our appointment. Ten minutes later she approached my office door irate and told in no uncertain terms how she’d been waiting the entire time in the tea garden. I asked her to step into the office so we could have privacy and discuss her concerns.

She told me that I was unprofessional and inconsiderate. I sat there and listened, nodding. I let her finish discharging and then I apologized. I told her that this was the first time such a circumstance had happened, and that I would add greater clarification to my pre-session instructions to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone in the future. I also assured her that I would credit her 30 minutes towards a future session since I did have another appointment immediately following her session time. The reason that I am happy this happened is because it proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of my old negative patterns had been completely resolved; the inability to handle people showing intense anger towards me. In the past, if this had happened, I would have: 1. checked out of my body and frozen 2. gotten defensive 3. expressed my anger at them. The session proceeded flawlessly with profound results. The following day I received a lovely email from the client thanking me for really listening and acting in such a professional way when they were upset.

Over the years, with all the EFT coaches we’ve trained and mentored, those that continue to work on their own issues are the ones that become more and more successful. When I’ve come across EFT coaches in different forums or events I ask if they’ve done the personal peace procedure and sadly most have not. Keep tapping on yourself and hire coaches that have greater experience than you so that you can reach your fullest potential in this business.