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We Are All Energy; New Study Offers Evidence That We Are Vibrating Frequencies of Energy

We Are All Energy

We have all heard the concepts before; “We are all energy” or “I just don’t resonate with you” or the premise of Law of Attraction is that we “vibrate” at a certain frequency that attracts or repels people and experiences to us. Not very scientific, though somehow for many, there seems to be an intuitive foundation of truth that flows through all of these ideas. Science manages to find innovative ways to catch up and verify tenets that are often held as truth for eons and is doing so again.

A new scholarly research paper reports the development of a new imaging microscopy technique that gives credence to the importance of our “vibrational frequency” being a key element of life. The idea that proteins in our body vibrate has always been suspected, but this new technology has given us the first verifiable evidence that this is  true and is able to be observed on the smallest of scales.

University of Buffalo physics professor Andrea Markelz, PhD, wh0 led the study and team, showed that the vibrations that occur in proteins, persist for a length of time, like the “ringing of a bell.” The purpose of the vibrations is to allow for these protein molecules (the building blocks of hormones, neurotransmitter, organ tissues, etc) to quickly change shape and bind to other proteins. The result is the ability of our bodies to perform every function that is necessary for life as we know it. These proteins with all different shapes and structures absorb light and vibrate in response to light of varying  frequencies.

So what does this all mean? That at a cellular level we are continually vibrating in response to light. That are “frequency” may offer up key insights into our health that may one day be understood at a greater level that can aid in tailoring healing interventions with even greater accuracy than is now applied by a wide array of energetic modalities. Perhaps future studies will be an arena in which observational technologies will be able to measure energetic healing intervention outcomes.

While the field of Energy Medicine continues to grow exponentially; whether it be EFT, Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health, Reiki, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing and so much more, it looks like there is a place where subtle energies and protein research may find a place where they can meet, much like the weaving of spirituality, consciousness studies and quantum physics are doing.

Craig Weiner, DC is a chiropractor, neuroscience afficionado and co-director  of EFT Tapping Trainings



Original Research Abstract: http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2014/140116/ncomms4076/full/ncomms4076.html