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The Emergence of Energy Psychology; The Next Wave of Health, Where Brain and Energy Converge

Energy Psychology

Author: Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank
Article Source: LILIPOH

Since philosopher René Descartes created dualism and the “law” that the mind and body were separate, we have been at odds trying to explain how what we think and feel has a direct effect on what happens in our bodies. the world of emotions and thoughts were relegated to the spheres of philosophy and religion for centuries. Fortunately, this worldview of separation of thoughts, feelings and physical health has been modified by science, and paradigms have shifted. It is now commonly understood that thoughts can shape feelings (and vice versa) which, in turn, can stimulate chemicals in the brain and hormones in the body, causing changes in our heart, lungs, muscles, and other organs. The holistic idea that everything interacts and has an influence on everything else is proving to be a powerful tenet of health. Mainstream medicine is exploring ways to incorporate meditation, prayer, music, and the creative arts into the world of health care. Sn important consideration in how this transformation of the body-mind approach occurs is the arena of psycho-physical-emotional health.

The study of the mind and our feelings, psychology, has gone through dramatic changes in the last century or two. Sigmund Freud informed us of the power of the unconscious that affects our thinking and our behaviors. Pavlov and Skinner enlightened us to reflexive habitual actions, behaviors and patterns. Maslow addressed the human hierarchy of needs and our desire for self-actualization. The work of these seminal thinkers changed the way we view our internal state. The study of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors is now going through a revolution, one that incorporates an emerging field known as energy medicine, or more specifically, energy psychology.

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