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The EFT Certification Journey as a Path for Personal Transformation

While many individuals and professionals take EFT trainings with us each year some are learning for themselves, others for their friends and families and others are interested in using it professionally with clients. Some see the depth of training and mentoring required to become a skilled practitioner and those choose the path of EFT certification. Many initially see this as a professional choice, a commitment to achieving a skillset to help clients to transform their lives but little to do they know what they are embarking on with regards to the certification journey being one of personal self-transformation. When they complete this journey, they are often unrecognizable as the person who began it. The confidence, authenticity and personal growth that occurs, the life changes that unfold are the inspiration for what we do.

The EFT certification process, at least for us here at the EFT Tapping Training Institute in association with AAMET is a rigorous journey. For those unaware, it requires attending live EFT trainings, online trauma training, conducting at least 50 private EFT sessions and then writing up session notes and case studies, 1:1 mentoring and of particular importance, personal tapping work. The final professional result, which usually takes anywhere from 6 – 18 months is a solid skillset and EFT certification with accreditation. However, the personal growth that happens as a result is equally if not more rewarding.

As trainers and mentors we have the honor of working intimately with those who courageously choose this path. We are witnesses to them overcoming their fears and vulnerabilities. Successfully traversing this path requires them healing many of their own personal self-doubts of not being smart enough and not being skilled enough. They must confront their defensiveness that often arises when they are challenged, corrected and advised by their mentors. They are often challenged by their personal history which whispers (or yells!) in their thoughts, reminding them about their previous failed attempts that they have made when pursuing a passion and resurrect themselves yet again. Some are introverts that must tap to overcome fears about being online, asking questions in a group. Others confront fears when working with clients who overwhelm them and challenge their skill and experience levels. Then there is the final lap when must face their fears and doubts of being able to succeed in private practice often being the first time they have ever run their own business and what is entailed to put oneself out there when marketing oneself.

Thank goodness for support! Thank goodness for the resource of tapping! The personal work with their mentors, the EFT swap sessions that occur throughout the journey, the progress made in their Personal Peace Procedure…clearing the past significant emotional events and traumas in their lives that rear their ugly heads as fears and doubts during the certification journey. This personal work is critical. For if not faced now, the same issues will be sure to arise with clients, for as we know, act as our mirrors and what is not healed within ourselves will continue to show up. Getting triggered emotionally by our clients is not healthy for us and not professional or safe for them, so doing our personal healing work is crucial for being a skillful practitioner.

We are continually uplifted as we watch the certified graduates fly off to create their new lives and practices having achieved a powerful skillset and having completed a personal healing journey that transformed their lives in ways unique to each one, always leaving us inspired by their actions and healing.