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Taking Appropriate Steps After a Client Complaint

What do you do if a client lodges a complaint against you as an EFT Practitioner? Most of us don’t want to think of this possibility. Unfortunately, anyone can lodge a complaint, at any time, whether it is founded or not. My intent for sharing this information is not to instill fear but to provide education on taking the appropriate steps after a client compliant or incident. Information provided is intended for the non-licensed EFT Practitioner. Those with licensures must comply with their local and national requirements and should contact their board and insurance carriers for additional guidance.

1. Tap. Be judicious at regulating yourself around this event. Reach out for help from a trusted mentor or colleague. Even though you may want to jump to action to defend your honor, or hide until it all goes away, resist all temptation to respond until you are in a regulated state.

2. Gather Facts. Develop a timeline with details about communication, interactions and the event. Avoid adding opinions or feelings.

3. Notify Early. Notify your insurance carrier and professional body in writing of an event and possible claim. They will provide guidance on next steps. Even if a claim against you has not been officially filed, it is still best practice to notify early. Be proactive instead of reactive. Just because a compliant has been filed, does not mean you have been found guilty.

4. Know Your Resources. In the event that a claim is filed, know your resources. You may have protection through membership with professional organizations. Some of this information can be found on the professional organization’s member website. Do not be afraid to ask questions. You don’t have to do this alone.

5. Communicate. If a claim is filed, respond to any official request for information in an appropriate time frame. Open and timely communication is key. This conveys you are actively invested in the investigation and claim resolution.

6. Tap. Continue to tap as different aspects may arise.

Guest Contributor: Karen Iglehart Bounds, RN, L.Ac., Certified EFT Practitioner. As a nurse, Karen handled hospital employee injuries and claims for 13 years. She was responsible for employee accident risk and claim management. She worked in collaboration with hospital administration, external legal counsel and notification of government protection agencies. Karen currently has an acupuncture and EFT practice.