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Is the Pandemic Inviting You to Re-Create Yourself in a New EFT Career?

Around the world we are living under the influence of the current novel coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are quarantined with various elements of stay at home restrictions. For many this is causing financial hardship as they are unable to work from home or telecommute as they are currently employed. Beyond the hardship may lie the catalyst and inspiration for a new future, a new lifestyle. and a new career.

Many are now spending time at home unemployed or with reduced employment while friends and colleagues are thriving while working from home via online video platforms like Zoom and MS Teams and are wondering if they could be doing that. I have many a time been approached by professionals and non-professionals who found themselves working in careers no longer inspired by their work. They expressed a desire to be doing the work they loved but found themselves trapped in their current occupation or employment. They felt like they need a change but were somehow caught in the web of their current situation, seemingly unable to make or begin the leap to work that felt more meaningful.

  • If that is you, What If  the current situation is your catalyst for change?
  • Maybe the current stay-at-home situation has made you realize that life without the strain of the commute is worth pursuing.
  • Are the the therapist/counselor who struggles with billing insurance and had enough of the HMO, PPO panels to say I’ve had enough and I can’t take it anymore!
  • Perhaps the idea of designing your own schedule, doing work you love, making a difference with people around the world is a dream whose time has come!

If you feel like I am speaking to you personally, well perhaps I am. Maybe it’s time for you to make a commitment to yourself, your career, your family and to achieving a real work-life balance.

Who Can Become a Certified Skilled EFT Practitioner?

Anyone can! The process of getting trained as a certified EFT coach/practitioner has no pre-requirements. The training process is rigorous and you will become skillful along the way. For us at the EFT Tapping Training Institute, we personally maintain the highest of training requirements to ensure the development of your professional skills. Whether you train to become a certified EFT coach or you are a licensed professional seeking the training to integrate EFT into your existing practice, the curriculum and mentoring you will receive will be worth every hour spend.

Do I Need to be Certified to be an EFT Practitioner? 

The answer to this question varies. It depends on what country you live in, whether you are already a licensed practitioner and also what is coming down the pike in the near future here in the U.S. (more to come in future blogs on the national energy practitioners certification and licensing). Here is what we would say; you could take an EFT workshop and learn a lot, but that does not make you a safe and skillful practitioner. The mentoring process of reviewing you direct client experience, working together through the challenges that come along with working 1:1 with clients through session review and case studies is what is needed. Our only goal is to enable you to be safe, competent and confident in your skills so that you can have the career you feel called to have.

What are the Steps to Getting Certified?

The EFT certification process, at the EFT Tapping Training Institute is a comprehensive journey. It begins with attending a 3 day EFT training, additional trauma training, a review of you conducting fifty 1:1 client sessions, case studies, 1:1 mentoring, ethics/risk management study and personal tapping work. How long does it take? That depends on you and the time and energy you devote to it as it is a self-paced process which allows for individualized flexibility to your own personal situation. The process can take as little as 6 months, but again the timing is up to you. Here is a link for more details and where you can schedule a free “Private Certification Mentoring” consultation to discuss the EFT career path with one of us.

Why This is so Much More than Just a Career Training Program

As trainers and mentors we have the honor of working intimately with those who courageously choose this path. We are witnesses to them receiving the support they need to overcome any fears and successfully traversing this path to reach their goal of being a self-employed certified EFT practitioner. Thank goodness for support! Thank goodness for the resource of tapping along the way and the personal work with their mentors throughout the journey. We are continually uplifted as we watch the certified graduates fly off to create their new lives and practices having achieved a powerful skillset and having completed a personal healing journey that transformed their lives in ways unique to each one, always leaving us inspired by their actions and healing.

So, if the silver lining of this pandemic is to build a fire beneath you to choose a new career that will inspire you and uplift others, we are 100% here for you to support your transition and transformation!

Craig Weiner and Alina Frank

Directors of the EFT Tapping Training Institute