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Finding Inner Peace Using the EFT Personal Peace Procedure


The Personal Peace Procedure is a method that is used in the  world of EFT Tapping to help clear out the negative emotions  and beliefs that can limit the possibilities of ones life.

The most challenging thing for most to grasp is that we are all  one.   How can another person who hurts me, tortures me, angers  me, be dependent on me to exist or act a certain way be a part of  me? I have said this before but it’s worth repeating- there are only 3 reasons why someone is showing up in the reality construct hologram you created and which you refer to as your life:

  1. To advance your journey in meeting your life’s purpose
  2. To confirm a belief you have about this world
  3. To impart a piece of knowledge that is of some use to you.

That’s all! When you discover the power of this awareness the Golden Rule takes on a whole new meaning. One little trick from the Non-Violent Communication world is to substitute most pronouns in your daily conversations with “our” or “my”. Instead of saying the school, say our school. Instead of the bank, say my bank. Instead of city hall, say my city hall. By taking ownership for your creations and appreciating what you’ve created the more you’ll live in the magical realms that all great religions state we can achieve.

Another very important way to be free of anxiety, pain, suffering and the illusion of wrong-doing by others is to try the Personal Peace Procedure. I routinely assign this as homework for my clients. I like to set this up in a very specific way for them. First I ask them to find a journal for this purpose only. Then they are to write chapter headings titled after all the significant people in their lives i.e. mother, father, sister, brother, 1st husband/boyfriend etc. Then under each chapter they are to list all the negative events that happened with each person. It’s important to take your time and list as many negative experiences with each person as possible. Then you are to tap on each event, look for aspects, connections, and more things to tap on as you go along.

In the original version of the Personal Peace Procedure (PPP) it was said to list at least 100 events that you wish you could have skipped. This is fine but with the chapter style journal format I recommend you will quickly see the generalization effect take place. In other words you won’t necessarily need to tap on each event under that person’s name before you feel absolute peace around them all. Pretty cool!

Save the BIGGER events and traumas to work through with a skilled practitioner please! You’ll be surprised how much more progress you make on the whole process if you work with an EFT as your guide even if you’ve already been tapping for some time. Only a few of my students make the commitment to following through with this and actually completing it which is a shame. I did it years ago and attribute it for most of my healing. Tapping on resistance to starting and completing the PPP will go a long way in assisting you as well!

Alina Frank

Alina Frank is a world renowned EFT Trainer EFT workshop facilitator and co-director of www.EFTtappingtraining.com where she provides EFT Certification trainings with her husband Craig Weiner.