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EFT for Corporations; Teaching EFT in the Workplace

The opportunity to expose employees of corporations to EFT tapping is one that has tremendous potential but has been under-served to date. Corporate EFT trainings are potentially the next great possibility of reaching more people and being able to share with them the profound uses of tapping for stress relative to the workplace. Recently we were given the opportunity to do just that. Practitioners that can combine working with private practice clients, together with receiving compensation for consulting or teaching at corporations expands their ability to thrive financially as well as expand their influence and touch more lives. I offer this story as a template for others who may wish to follow in our footsteps in this arena. I also offer some suggested considerations for proposed similar projects.

Recently, my wife and co-trainer Alina (at EFTtappingTraining.com) and I were preparing to offer a Matrix Reimprinting training in Boulder, Colorado. We were contacted by a woman who runs a corporate wellness program which provides wellness services to local companies, varying from fitness programs, to bodywork, nutritional classes and stress reduction programs. She reached out to us knowing that we would be teaching in her local area in the upcoming months and was aware of our training reputation. The owner of a local contracting/engineering firm apparently had recently been exposed to the World Tapping Summit, and he and his wife had found the work fascinating and wanted to bring it to their company’s employees so they could then learn about tapping as another method of stress reduction.The coordinating responsibilities were left up to the wellness coordinator. Here are a list of several considerations that were required to be decided upon between us that I thought might be useful for the readers here to consider:

1. What is the purpose and the intent of the program? Is it to teach how to tapping? To merely expose and introduce and demonstrate EFT?

2. These questions of course are in part to be determined by the length of the program. How many hours will the company allow employees to partake and be away from their regular work duties?

3. Are the employees there voluntarily or by mandate?

4. Will the audience be a single department or draw from a variety of departments with different job tasks, responsibilities and pressures?

5. What will be the financial compensation? Is it based upon the instructor’s length of time teaching? To include travel time? Preparation time? Overnight accommodations?

6. What will be supplied to employees? Handouts? EFT manuals? How does that figure into the trainer’s compensation?

In our situation, the project evolved. What began as a four-hour offering was shortened to two. Employees working time is a valuable commodity. We had nearly 25 employees show up, translating into a minimum of 50-60 job hours not performing their regular duties. (That is a generous and caring employer!) Our consulting/training fees included overnight accommodations, for as we were already flying to the area for another training, it required that we arrive a night in advance to be able to provide this training on a Friday morning before our weekend training a few towns over. Given the limitations of what could be offered in 2 hours and with an understanding that the audience would be there voluntarily and based on personal interest, and knowing that the participants would vary from civil engineers to employees in reception and accounting, we had to take that all into account with regards to the material presented.

We decided on a format that consisted of brief introductions of ourselves and names and departments of the employees and if or what they knew of EFT. We proceeded into a discussion of what stress is, how it can effect a person’s physiology and health and how in turn it can effect relationships and teamwork in the workplace. We share some of the EFT research as it relates to stress and anxiety and for the engineers offered a bit more of the science of how EFT works.

After questions we demonstrated the EFT Short Cut tapping points. Then we did a group tapping round on Chasing the Pain which went extremely well. One of the engineers, after his neck pain reduced from a 6 to a 1 SUDS scale, shared that he had been quite skeptical and now found himself shaking his head somewhat in disbelief that such a reduction in pain could happen so swiftly.

We were fully aware that in a workplace setting, unique factors that we would have to take into consideration would include: the unwillingness to express one’s “weaknesses” in a group of co-workers and superiors, the lack of safety in discussing or “complaining” about one’s work stressors and the inability to express any job dissatisfaction in such a group in house work setting. Fortunately, we had in advance, asked the wellness coordinator if she was willing to be the “demonstratee” if no one else offered. When we asked for a volunteer to work on a stressful issue, not related to their current employment, the only response we received was 25 heads rotating and looking around the room at each other in dead silence.

We were able to successfully work with the wellness coordinator in such a controlled way that she was able to discuss a previous a strained work relationship from a previous employment situation. If that was not an option, we could have also done a Tearless Trauma technique with the group, and not reveal the details of what they were working on aloud. But in this case, advance preparation had been a smart choice. Borrowing benefits were utilized and a post demonstration Q and A period concluded the two hour segment. They all received tapping handouts and were provided reference material for further exploration and learning.

Judging by the engagement of questions, the body language of the participants and the feedback provided by the wellness coordinator after the event, we were quite satisfied by the opportunity and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening exploring the beautiful surroundings and one of the best Vietnamese dinners we have had in a very long time.

As creators of the EFT Mastering Business Acumen (EFTMBA.com) program, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner realize that all tapping professionals have different skills and comfort zones, and that not everyone is looking to offer corporate trainings. For those that are, we provide strategic learning opportunities to develop a host of tapping related business opportunities from creating a thriving practice, to offering consulting services, as well as creating EFT related products.