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7 Reasons to Join EFT International as a Practitioner

EFT International

If you are an EFT practitioner or perhaps you are interested in becoming one, joining EFT International (EFTi) could be a very helpful step for your professional growth. EFTi  is the largest international charity organization dedicated solely to EFT and run by volunteers. In this article, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a practitioner with EFT International.

1. High Professional Standards: EFT International is renowned for its commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards. It has received accreditation from the National Certification Center of Energy Practitioners (NCCOEP), which evaluates training organizations based on criteria set by industry leaders. By joining, you become part of a community that upholds and promotes excellence in EFT practice.

2. Training programs leading to EFT Certification and Accreditation: Accreditation demonstrates that an individual practitioner has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in their practice. “Certification” and “Accreditation” refer to the process by which practitioners, first learn EFT from their EFT International Master Trainer and the trainer assesses that they have reached the standard required to start to practice safely and effectively (certification), and then secondly become accredited by EFT International (accreditation).

3. Clear Pathway for Advancement: EFT International provides practitioners with a clear pathway for advancement within the organization. As you progress in your EFT journey, you have the opportunity to become an advanced practitioner and eventually a trainer. This advancement is based on merit and a well-thought-out and designed program that ensures quality training and mentoring. By following this pathway, you can enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and contribute to the growth of EFT worldwide.

4. Independent Ethics and Complaint Committee: EFT International prioritizes the well-being of both practitioners and clients. In the event of a problem or conflict between an EFTi practitioner and a client, the organization has an ethics complaint committee dedicated to resolving such problems. This committee carefully assesses the situation and makes recommendations for appropriate action, ensuring a fair and unbiased resolution. The committee is composed of individuals who are not affiliated with any other governing body within the organization. This structure minimizes dual relationships and conflicts of interest, fostering transparency and accountability.

5. Non-Profit Governance: EFT International operates as a CIO charity, distinguishing itself from organizations driven by profit maximization. This unique status means that the organization is governed by strict rules set forth by the Charity Commission. By adhering to these regulations, EFT International ensures that its operations align with its charitable purpose and benefit the greater community. As a member of the organization, you have the opportunity to participate in its annual meeting, where you can attend and vote on important matters, contributing to the decision-making process.

6. Active Participation and Engagement: EFT International values the active participation of its members. As a practitioner, you can serve on various committees, including Communications, Research, Ethics, Training and Accreditation and Volunteer Support. This involvement allows you to contribute your expertise, collaborate with fellow practitioners, and shape the direction of EFT International’s initiatives. By actively engaging in these committees, you not only contribute to the growth of the organization but also enhance your professional network and gain valuable experience in areas beyond your core practice.

7. Contributes to the Advancement of EFT Research: EFT International is a supporter of the advancement of science and research demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT. It makes available multiple resources related to updated research publications and client education materials, financially supports EFT research and puts on a yearly Scientific EFT Symposium

In conclusion, joining EFT International as a practitioner offers numerous advantages. From its commitment to high professional standards, to providing clear advancement pathways to offering a distinct ethics and complaints committee and non-profit governance structure. EFT International provides a supportive and professional environment for practitioners and volunteers. Additionally, the organization encourages active participation, allowing practitioners to contribute their skills and expertise to further the field of EFT. By becoming a member of EFT International, you can enhance your professional growth, network with like-minded individuals around the world and contribute to the development and integrity of EFT as a powerful modality for healing and personal transformation. 


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