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4 Ways to Build Resilience During the Pandemic Using EFT Tapping

Gregory S. Williams said, “On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.” This speaks to the times we are living in, especially with a viral pandemic that seems to attack our most vulnerable…It has urgency, power and is imbued with the potential to cause trauma. It has made millions feel vulnerable, isolated, helpless…threatening the physical well being of themselves and families. The ability to work and care for ones family is under siege for millions. Attempts to return to a sense of normality creates even more havoc. What is there to do under such uncertainty? To experience resilience is to find a way to use the energy of these storms and come out stronger, wiser and even more aligned with ones life purpose.

EFT tapping is a powerful tool that can act as a powerful tool for resilience by:

  • tapping to regulate heightened emotional triggers
  • stabilize and reduce stress levels
  • provide opportunities to break free from and release stubborn patterns that no longer serve you
  • enable you to better witness your defense postures and reactivity triggers
  • empower you to effect real change by catalyzing trauma into post-traumatic growth
  • increasing compassion for self and others

Take the time to learn how to tap. Once you use it for yourself, share it with another. Resilient individuals create resilient communities that are motivated and inspired by loving and compassionate action by becoming more trauma informed.