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EFT Level 2

This two day training reviews and expands upon the basics of EFT taught in Level 1. Additional techniques are taught to expand your repertoire and offer skillful and effective ways of working with different client populations and expanding your ability to work with deeper issues. Of course, as in all trainings at EFT Tapping Training, new material is presented using a variety of learning styles including partnered teaching methods, demonstrations, paired and small group experiential applications, video examples and more to ensure that no one walks away without fully understanding everything that is taught.

Here is a partial list of the materials taught and techniques demonstrated and practiced:

  • The Gentle Techniques for Intense Issues
  • Chasing the Pain
  • The Movie Technique
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs
  • Questions for Uncovering Core Issues
  • Core Issues and Physical Symptoms
  • Working over the Telephone or Skype
  • EFT in Groups
  • Using EFT with Children
  • Scope of Practice, Informed Consent and the EFT Ethics Code

Participants who take this program will be issued a Certificate of Attendance that they have completed EFT Levels 1-2. This is the initial step along the certification path. It should not be put forth as a certification in itself.

Learning Objectives for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Levels 1-2

Through the use of didactic teaching, demonstration and hands on experiential learning, the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills required to create an EFT Set-Up statement for a directed approach to using EFT on the client’s presenting complaint.
  • Demonstrated the Full Basic and Short Cut EFT Tapping Points protocol.
  • Explain the use of testing methods, including SUDS and additional and more advanced testing methods.
  • Describe the purpose of and the protocols for the three Gentle Techniques.
  • To be able to discuss what technique would best be utilized for a client with somatic complaints related to emotional distress
  • Discuss the role of Secondary Gains and how it may impair progress or resolution of a client’s goals.
  • Explain what a shifting aspect and 3 ways in which this may occur for a client during as session.
  • Discuss the importance of working on specific events and memories as opposed to global generalities and how to query a client in order to support them in getting to specifics.
  • Explain the differences between the Tell the Story and the Movie Techniques.
  • Discuss when a client should consider using tapping as a self-help modality vs working with a practitioner.
  • Discuss when a practitioner should be referring a client to another professional for care.
  • Explain the concept of table top issues vs table leg events.
  • Discuss and list at least 4 components of a traumatic event.
  • Discuss the difference between when a client expresses emotions, when a client becomes emotionally flooded and experiences an abreaction.
  • Identify at least 2 objective physiological markers that have been identified in peer reviewed published research that have demonstrated changes after EFT application.