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6 Week Learning to Find Love Webinar Course


  • Feel fabulous in your dating experience regardless of your dating track record, age, physical attributes, race, present financial condition or education.
  • No more wondering about where you are going to find him, or if he exists. No more worrying about your relationship being ‘too good to be true’ or ‘enjoy it while it lasts’.
  • Do you want to sooo enjoy the process of finding your guy, even your coupled friends wouldn’t mind being in your shoes?

Let us teach you to:

  • Discover your unique relationship desires
  • Let go of baggage from past relationships and enjoy your life NOW
  • Reduce or even eliminate the emotional stress of finding and forming a new relationship
  • Save years on the dating treadmill or in dead end relationships
  • Achieve your goal of a happy, successful, healthy relationship with your best friend and lifetime romantic partner

This course included recorded modules, live classes, a unique powerful coaching system, EFT tapping to release painful patterns and behaviors that block you from having the relationship of your dreams.

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