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Design Your EFT Practice

Design Your EFT Practice and Practicing Your EFT Design

Alina Frank and Dr.Craig Weiner talk about how to design your EFT Practice and how to put into practice your design. Just how do you uniquely create your own practice that is individual, original, authentic and successful? How do you implement your vision in a real and practical way. Your EFT practice has been designed…

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EFT Tapping Competence

EFT Tapping: Competence vs. Confidence

Alina Frank and Dr.Craig Weiner talk about competence vs. confidence. How does that affect your EFT tapping practice? Whose opinion are you more interested in listening to: a professional who is more confident in what they are saying about their skills or one who is has a greater skill level but comes across less confident?…

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Dean Radin, Supernormal; Evidence of Extraordinary Abilities

Dean Radin PhD’s newest book, Supernormal; Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities is being released today. Listen in as Change your Mind Transformational DialogueRadio host, Dr Craig Weiner, DC explores the research that supports extraordinary capabilities that human beings may very well be capable of. Was Buddha just a nice guy? Are…

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Norm Shealy MD; Meridians Are For More Than Just Needles

Transformational Dialogue host, Dr. Craig Weiner explores with Dr. Norman Shealy, methods and techniques for affecting the energetic and other systems of the body through the stimulation of meridians in ways that you may not be aware are possible. This show and past interviews can be found at www.EFTtappingtraining.com C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is…

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EFT Presentation

The Art and Science of Designing a Persuasive EFT Presentation

In our EFT MBA (Mastering Business Acumen) program, our EFT coaches approach the idea of giving a public presentations with some apprehension. They want to know what the key elements are in communicating about EFT effectively. Public speaking is a well known source of anxiety. Constructing a talk that simultaneously satisfies an audience’s curiosity, soothes…

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Competence vs. Confidence

Competence vs. Confidence: And the Winner Is…?

Whose opinion are you more interested in listening to: a professional who is more confident in what they are saying about their skills or one who is has a greater skill level but comes across less confident? You may be surprised at what the research shows. Most importantly is how this choice relates to your…

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Best practice

Designing Your EFT Practice and Practicing Your Design

Your EFT practice has been designed by you, consciously or unconsciously. In our experience with hundreds of practitioners, personal healing and a vision to make a difference is what inspires most EFT practitioners to begin their practice. But without certain essential elements, a practice cannot gain momentum. This show will focus on the 3 essential…

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How to Dream Big in Your EFT Business

How to Dream Big in Your EFT Business Even When You Are Struggling

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner of the EFT MBA podcast explore how it’s possible to dream big when you are having a hard time paying the bills and the outlook is bleak. How are you supposed to maintain your vision for what is possible when you seem to keep running into roadblocks.

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Subconscious Saboteurs That Derail Your EFT Practice

Do you feel that on one level you want to see your EFT business fly but on another there’s something that is stopping you? Do you see evidence of one week being full of clients and opportunities and the next your calendar is empty? Do you have a list of things to follow through on…

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Psychoneuroimmunology Pioneer

Psychoneuroimmunology Pioneer, Candace Pert, PhD on Mind Body Healing: AUDIO

Join Transformational Dialogue radio host Craig Weiner, DC as he interviews Dr. Candace Pert in this fascinating exploration of her groundbreaking work in straddling the fields of science and emotions. She is internationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles, is the author of the book Molecules of Emotion: The Scientific Basis Behind…

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Morphic Field

Expanding Your EFT Practice’s Morphic Field

What Morphic Field are you playing in with your EFT business? In other words, what conversations, trends and news are you listening to, paying attention and buying in to that is directly affecting you practice? I recently had the privilege of interviewing Evolutionary Biolgist Rupert Sheldrake and discussed these very fields of thought and habit…

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Science of EFT

The Science of EFT with Dr Craig Weiner

The Science of EFT. There is no question to those who practice and or receive EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) works. The real questions are how does it work, how well is its effectiveness supported by the scientific research, how will it be effectively explained to reach the masses and how can it continue to be…

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