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What’s Interpersonal Neurobiology Got to Do with the Success of Your EFT Business?

Interpersonal Neurobiology

As soon as you answer the phone, before you respond to that email, and even prior to your first consult, interpersonal neurobiology is at play with how your potential clients perceive you and whether they will follow up and work with you. Learn the science that underlies the financial success of your practice. The integration of fields such as psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, sociology and more, weave together to create a model of empathic communication. By learning how these aspects of working with ourselves and others we can increase our ability and skills to create greater insight, empathy, and intuition which results greater kindness, resilience, and health. the work of Daniel Siegel, MD and their applications for EFT practitioners will be discussed. Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank are the hosts of Marketing and Business Academy, creators of the affiliated EFT MBA Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and master EFT trainers Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com