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The Science of EFT with Dr Craig Weiner

Science of EFT

The Science of EFT. There is no question to those who practice and or receive EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) works. The real questions are how does it work, how well is its effectiveness supported by the scientific research, how will it be effectively explained to reach the masses and how can it continue to be refined and improved as a discipline and profession. For most people who receive EFT, it may be of little interest, but to practitioners and decision makers in the world who decide if EFT is employed in school systems, in health delivery systems like the VA and hospitals, the research that supports EFT’s effectiveness is critical.

In today’s show Dr. Craig will explore several theories that exist to explain how EFT works. Some backed by research and some by hypothetical conjecture, we’ll explore the counter conditioning theory, the healing by intention theory, the effect of placebo and more.

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