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Subconscious Saboteurs That Derail Your EFT Practice


Do you feel that on one level you want to see your EFT business fly but on another there’s something that is stopping you? Do you see evidence of one week being full of clients and opportunities and the next your calendar is empty? Do you have a list of things to follow through on but get distracted? Do you make lots of money only to have lots of bills suck it all away? Have you gotten physically ill just as things were really taking off? All of these are signs that there are inner saboteurs that will prevent you from real success in your business.

In this EFT MBA podcast Alina Franks talks about Subconscious Saboteurs That Derail Your EFT Practice with Dr. Craig Weiner. There may well be much more at play that is causing you not to succeed than you are aware of.