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Why Sales Psychology Just Won’t Work in Your EFT Business

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If you are thinking Sales Psychology and not Energy Psychology, you are in the wrong mindset in building your EFT Tapping practice. While sales gimmicks and flashy marketing hype will get you some short term attention, it will not sustain nor grow a successful EFT business. So what are the elements that you need to know from the start as you begin and expand your thriving EFT practice? What are the 4 key ingredients that you will be sure to take notes on as you listen to this program about getting and holding peoples’ attention about the life transforming tapping work you are doing? How do you attract the clients and students that were meant to find you? Listen in and don’t forget a good pen and your Success Notebook!

Join hosts Alina Frank and Dr Craig Weiner on the EFT MBA Mastering Business Acumen Show; where we Teach the Art and Science of Making Money While Changing the World.

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