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What’s the Mindset Required to Be a Six Figure $ EFT Tapping Coach?

Reset Your Mind

What is the mindset that’s required to really be successful as an EFT coach? Skill of course is required, in other words, you get outstanding results for your clients. But it usually takes more than that to have a thriving practice. The typical strategies for achieving this goal are questions like how do I market myself, how do I write my book, how do I create a bunch of YouTube videos that get tens of thousands of views and what website SEO tricks should I learn? While each of those ideas can assist you, you would still be missing the key element. The real question is, what does it feel like to you, to be a six figure a year coach? Is there any part of you that questions whether you are worthy of it? What would it be like to know in your bones that you that you have all the traits, qualities and skills right now of achieving just that? It’s the inner game that matters most and in this program, EFT MBA Radio hosts, Dr. Craig Weiner and Alina Frank will offer their personal experience and insights to how to find the balance between this inner and outer game/reality of a successful EFT practice.

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Alina Frank and Craig Weiner are the directors of EFT Tapping Trainings, teaching the Art and Science of EFT/Meridian Tapping and the creators of the EFT Mastering Business Acumen program designed to assist EFT practitioners in creating their own thriving practices.