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Fred Gallo, PhD and Compassionate Mindfulness Tapping; An Interview with Craig Weiner

Compassionate Mindfulness Tapping

Transformational Dialogue Radio host Craig Weiner, DC, interviews Fred Gallo PhD and together they explore the concept of Compassionate Mindfulness Tapping. This addresses how two of the fastest growing approaches for emotional and behavioral change are working synergistically.

Energy Psychology and Mindfulness stem from ancient concepts and practices that have been recently scientifically validated for their therapeutic benefits. Mindful Energy Psychology (MEP) is Dr. Fred Gallo’s answer to an integration of these powerful approaches to alleviate human suffering. Energy Psychology (EP) approaches generally focus on eliminating a psychological problem by addressing energetic substrates; whereas, mindfulness traditionally focuses on consciousness, observation and acceptance, without an aim to eliminate anything. While the two approaches might be seen as diametrically opposed, reciprocal synergy emerges from an integration, such that EP is deepened via a mindfulness attitude and practices, and mindfulness benefits are accelerated through EP.

Craig Weiner, DC is the host of Transformational Dialogues and is an EFT trainer. More training and EFT workshop information can be found at www.EFTtappingtraining.com

Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., DCEP is a clinical psychologist, therapist, consultant, researcher, author, and the professional who coined the term Energy Psychology. He’s published 8 books, numerous journal articles, book chapters & training manuals. Among his books are Energy Psychology & Energy Tapping for Trauma. Since 1980 he’s been training professionals on various therapeutic approaches, including his Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, Energy Consciousness Therapy, and The Identity Method. Find out more at www.EnergyPsych.com