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Dr. Larry Dossey and the Power of Premonitions

The Power of Premonitions

Physician, author, researcher and editor, Larry Dossey, M.D. speaks about his most recent book, The Power of Premonitions, with Change Your Mind! host, Dr. Craig Weiner. Dr. Dossey refers to premonitions as an avenue into nonlocal consciousness and discusses the role of intuition and spirituality in health and healing.

This interview is a personal, authentic, and fascinating glimpse into the beautiful presence of this integrative physician and pioneer in the filed of mind-body healing.

For further information, go to www.dosseydossey.com

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I used to believe that we must choose between science and reason on one hand, and spirituality on the other, in how we lead our lives. Now I consider this a false choice. We can recover the sense of sacredness, not just in science, but in perhaps every area of life. Larry Dossey, M.D. from Reinventing Medicine

The author of nine books and numerous articles, Dr. Dossey is the former Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most widely subscribed-to journal in its field. The primary quality of all of Dr. Dossey’s work is scientific legitimacy, with an insistent focus on “what the data show.” As a result, his colleagues in medical schools and hospitals all over the country trust him, honor his message, and continually invite him to share his insights with them. He has lectured all over the world, including major medical schools and hospitals in the United States –Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, the Universities of Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, and the Mayo Clinic.