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You Already Know What to do For Your EFT Business, But You Just Don’t Do It


You’ve set your goals. You’ve learned the skills. You even have some understanding about marketing but you just don’t follow through. Instead you stay in your comfort zone, and are averse to taking risks, so the opportunities don’t come knocking at your door. You watch while other newer practitioners seem to have skyrocketing practices and get “all the glory” while you keep working hard, making baby steps forward. You know what to do, you are just not doing it. What is it going to take to change that pattern?

If you are ready to hear some straight talking and make a real change, then listen in to Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank,the hosts of the EFT Nation Podcast, creators of the EFT MBA (Marketing and Business Academy) Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and Directors of the EFT Tapping Training Institute, Master Trainers of Trainers for EFT International and for the EFT Matrix Reimprinting Academy. Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com