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EFT Business Coaching: Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget


Many EFT coaches or coaches of any type, often do not have much of a marketing budget, especially when they are starting.Yet investing in your business is critical for the success of your business. So how can you begin or grow your business on a shoestring budget? In this EFT Mastering Business Acumen podcast, EFT business coaches Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, DC will offer a combination of creative and simple ways that you can apply your time, energy and limited dollars in ways that can really pay off. By tapping into your untapped creative business skills, resources and talents, you would be surprised what else you can make happen without a ton of coin.

Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank are the hosts of EFT Mastering Business Acumen Radio and creators of the affiliated EFT MBA Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and EFT trainers for EFT Universe, the AHP network and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com