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The Art and Science of Designing a Persuasive EFT Presentation

EFT Presentation

In our EFT MBA (Mastering Business Acumen) program, our EFT coaches approach the idea of giving a public presentations with some apprehension. They want to know what the key elements are in communicating about EFT effectively.

Public speaking is a well known source of anxiety. Constructing a talk that simultaneously satisfies an audience’s curiosity, soothes their skepticism and inspires them to take an EFT Action Step should be your goal. There are important considerations as to how create such a presentation that allow for “an experience” of tapping while minimizing the risks.

There is an art and science to this opportunity and in this show Alina Frank and Craig Weiner DC will review the most crucial aspects you need to know to design a persuasive EFT presentation.