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Design Your EFT Practice and Practicing Your EFT Design

Design Your EFT Practice

Alina Frank and Dr.Craig Weiner talk about how to design your EFT Practice and how to put into practice your design. Just how do you uniquely create your own practice that is individual, original, authentic and successful? How do you implement your vision in a real and practical way.

Your EFT practice has been designed by you, consciously or unconsciously. In our experience with hundreds of practitioners, their vision to make a difference is what inspired most EFT practitioners to begin their practice. Unfortunately, without certain essential elements, a practice cannot gain momentum. This show will focus on the 3 essential things that an EFT practice needs to accelerate from the outset of a practice or to re-set a struggling coaching practice. Without these pieces, there will be insufficient traction to propel you forwards which in turn inspires and motivates you to the next step of a successful, fun and energizing practice.