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EFT Tapping: Competence vs. Confidence

EFT Tapping Competence

Alina Frank and Dr.Craig Weiner talk about competence vs. confidence. How does that affect your EFT tapping practice?

Whose opinion are you more interested in listening to: a professional who is more confident in what they are saying about their skills or one who is has a greater skill level but comes across less confident? You may be surprised at what the research shows.

Most importantly is how this choice relates to your potential clients.

Studies have addressed this very question and have postulated the Dunning-Kruger Effect. This phenomenon describes a bias in which less skilled individuals mistakenly rate their ability much higher than average (even when measurements don’t support it) and also suggests that actual competence may weaken self-confidence (as these individuals incorrectly assume that most others are of equal competence).

Come and join Alina and Craig as we explore the significance of competence and confidence and how we can improve upon both.