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Change Your Mind: Transformational Dialogue Radio Podcast

Change Our Mind Transformational Dialogue

Are you someone who loves to explore consciousness and extraordinary ways of living? Does the evidence that your thoughts really change the world titillate you?

This is the debut show for Dr Craig Weiner and The Transformational Dialogues – Change Your Mind. This program will bring to you in easy to understand language, the powerful questions, answers and the existing science and research that underlie not only EFT, but other cutting edge explorations from the world of Energy Medicine, Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Causal Evolution, Non-locality Science and beyond.

Dr. Craig” promises to bring you the world’s leading experts in transformational thinking with dialogues that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Not only will this show change your mind, it may change your brain as well!

In this premier episode Alina Frank will be interviewing Dr Craig on his vision for this innovative program which will explore topics such as consciousness, social neuroscience, the science underlying EFT and energy medicine and much much more.

Listen to this episode through your computer with the audio player below.