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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life with Mark Brady, PhD

Feed Your Mind

Craig Weiner DC, host of ChangeYourMind! Transformational Dialogues sits down with Mark Brady, PhD to explore the role of neuroplasticity, health and how what we think about and what we experience alters our brain and our lives. By learning to change your brain and how you think, the possibilities for your life are infinite.

In this raw, authentic, honest and poignant interview, the conversation morphs from the power of “not knowing” to the role of emotional safety as an essential component of educational and life time learning. Individual neurobiology and interpersonal social neuroscience and the resultant possibilities according to the newest science of neuroplasticity are also visited in this fascinating interview.

Mark Brady, PhD is a neuroscience educator, writer and retired licensed home-builder. He is a co-founder of the Children’s Grief Program in Palo Alto, CA and has been a long-time member of the graduate research faculty at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. He writes a weekly column on social neuroscience (The Flowering Brain) and is the prize winning author of a number of books, articles and papers, including A Father’s Book of Listening and Safe and Secure: a Guide to Parenting with the Brain in Mind.

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