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A Right Brain Shift to Creative Mind with Sandra Rodman

Right Brain Shift

Change Your Mind! Transformational Dialogue Radio host Dr. Craig Weiner explores a new “revolution of creative mind” in business, community, and personal-choice transformations–with CEO/Founder of Right Brain Aerobics, a national trainer and featured speaker, former Fortune 500 VP, Sandra H. Rodman.

Sandra Rodman was a VP in Merrill Lynch in technology innovation and Sr. Director at AT&T Wireless before discovering that the greatest computer of all may be sitting down the hall–in your chair! To improve health, she combined decades in creative/theater/music and meditative-intuitive healing arts and stumbled on ways in which more intensive daily creative-intuitive mind practice can accelerate human consciousness ability to tap higher intelligence.

She developed “Right Brain Aerobics: Minds of the Future” for corporations and individuals to mainstream practical daily use of powerful creative-intuitive “aha” mind states that can change how we live!

Listen through your computer with the audio player below.