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The Art of Delivery; Mastering Your EFT Toolbox

June 23 to July 28, 2020 for 6 wks

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Learning the many techniques in EFT is one matter. Mastering them, is another. Each of the foundation techniques in the EFT 1 and 2 curriculum have Do’s and Don’ts. However, subtleties, nuances and the art of delivery is what makes an EFT practitioner masterful and obtains the most powerful results. This online training will take you to an entirely higher level of proficiency, offering a focus on the art of delivery with extensive supervision, mentoring and feedback to take your skill to another level.

It has been experience when mentoring EFT students and practitioners that we DID NOT train personally, that we consistently hear something to the effect of “Dang, I wish I had done my early EFT training with the two of you!” Well, without having to re-take a Level 1 and 2, this is your very best option AND you don’t have to travel to take this training. Alina and Craig are certified AAMET Master Trainers and consistently get rave reviews from their students at trainings around the world.

This course is designed for EFT students and practitioners that are working with others and ready to take their skills to the next level. This is the ONLY time this online course will be offered this year!

Pre-requisite: Completion of live, in-person EFT Levels 1 and 2 (this is not a substitute for live in-person training, this does NOT count for certification requirements for any organization that we represent. It DOES count for annual CPD Continuing Professional Development required AAMET hours. Upon registration you will be required to submit who you trained with for your EFT Levels 1 and 2.

Recorded Modules will be released 9 am Seattle Pacific time on June 16, June 30, July 14 and July 21. Two live Q and A webinars will be held on July 14 and July 28 lasting up to 90 minutes each. Recordings of the 4 recorded modules plus their accompanying handouts are yours to keep. Because we like to ensure confidentiality the two live Q and A sessions will be available for viewing within our group only for the course duration and will not be downloadable. Course includes 24/7 access to our secret private Facebook group where you can ask questions, find swap partners, and access the files.

To accommodate varying international time zones the LIVE webinars will be held on Zoom at:

July 7th live Q and A webinar will be held at 4 PM Seattle/Los Angeles time

July 28th live Q and A webinar will be held at 9 AM Seattle/Los Angeles time

Course Material Covered:

  • Initial Session considerations….what not to do and where not to go
  • Creating powerful session goals.
  • Advanced Detective work for locating specific events
  • Advance Rapport Building; languaging VAKOGS
  • Triaging for the most appropriate technique
  • Titrating trauma
  • The Art of Resourcing
  • Distancing Techniques Methods to reduce Flooding and Abreactions
  • Orienting EFT
  • When to alter acceptance statements
  • Learn to create seamless flow from one technique to another
  • Future Pacing; Accountability coaching in EFT
  • Legal/Risk considerations for your EFT practice
  • Going deeper with EFT Level 1-2 Techniques

Participants who take this program will be issued a Certificate of Attendance.

Comments From Our Students:

Words can not describe, or even begin to prepare you for the experience of learning EFT with them. Whether this is for personal or professional use, learning these techniques from Craig and Alina WILL change your life, your perspective and by extension, your future. I promise you will never be the same. I am looking forward to more trainings with such an excellent team.” Kara Bass, LPC

Words cannot begin to express the experience of working and learning under Craig Weiner and Alina Frank. They are both master teachers. They are kind, patient and compassionate. I cannot get enough training from Alina and Craig. I am your student for life. Thank you teachers.” Joan Kaylor, MSEd, LCP, DCEP

I was called to do this training and it did not disappoint. They are a husband and wife team, and as trainers complement each other well, and at times funny to watch – in a good way. They are so knowledgeable and I grabbed on to every nugget of wisdom they passed on to us. I couldn’t imagine being trained by anyone else and will now seek them out as I look to go deeper with my practice. If you’re new to EFT, as I was, they are just so generous with their knowledge not only of EFT, but the EFT world/network and I am just in deep gratitude.” Maria Elena Perez, LCSW, Director of Policy and Strategic Partnerships for the National Inst. for Reproductive Health

It’s an in depth review that will simplify AND enhance your practice. Alina and Craig cover the nuances and subtleties of EFT well, it’s a great opportunity to take your practice to a new level of ease and excellence. It’s different than repeating Level 1-2 because it’s addressed to practitioners and students, not to novices brand new to EFT.” Wildflower, Certified EFT Practitioner B.C. Canada

Mastery comes in reviewing the foundation skills of EFT. Just like Yoga Instructors talk about Yoga as a “Practice” or Physicians state “they practice” medicine; so is being an EFT Practitioner is being in a state of practice and improvement of your foundation skills.” Ilia Blandina

Even if you feel you have the knowledge, when heard from a different tutor your learn it differently. For me it was as hearing it for the first time. FRESH. I almost feel this course redone biannually would not go astray, as the feedback from the group is very valuable as well.It would help you to not go stale in your style of approach with clients.” Mirjana Bevanda, EFT Practitioner Australia

Unlike most trainings, with this class you get downloadable materials to review forever. Since a lot of Level 1 and 2 trainings are just a couple of days it’s nearly impossible to assimilate and retain EVERYTHING in that short a time. This class presents a thorough review so you have an opportunity to learn the nuances you might have missed the first time around without having to retake the entire trainings. It’s like watching a good movie for the 2nd time – you catch so much more on the 2nd viewing.” Sarah Grace Powers,

The emphasis on the art of delivery goes beyond level I and II. It’s the subtle touches that are added in this class which can make a big difference. I would say this course fine tunes the techniques previously learned.” Advanced EFT Practitioner

This course goes into much more detail than the basic training and the material was well-organized and prioritized. Alina and Craig expanded not only on the techniques but also shared their expertise around the structure necessary when working safely with clients. I came away with an understanding of how important it is to master the techniques in order to experience successful, lasting results. It’s clear that they’re passionate about sending EFT practitioners out into the world well-informed and confident.” EFT Practitioner Willa Paterson

I highly recommend Level 3 to anyone who is a Practitioner whether a newbie or an experienced one!” Meenakshi Ramesh

My response would be: all great artists – and skilled practitioners – take the time to review, practice and refine their skills; the learning never ends. It is a mistake to think we absorb all the content the first time through anything. That’s why we re-read books, rewatch movies and re-take training. Rarely is the first draft of anything the final draft.” Karen Hicks,


The cost for the training is $349 US Early Bird (up to 30 days prior) or $399 US after that and payment is required to ensure registration.

Use this button to pay $399 and you’ll be redirected to complete the registration.

Cancellation Policy

Because this course is offered as webinar recordings and four modules and their handouts are yours to keep, your ability to view and gain from the classes is indefinite and therefore there is no cancellation refund policy.

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