Millions of people are hearing about EFT and Tapping around the world. Television news programs, popular media on radio and internet continue to extol its growing popularity. People are looking and researching sources to find reputable practitioners to assist them for innumerable reasons. EFT is considered to be an evidence-supported method that continues to grow in its acceptance, and people who are seeking practitioners are looking for the highest quality, most credible, best trained practitioners, so certification becomes ever more important as a mark of excellence.

If you are looking to be an EFT practitioner and to work professionally with individuals in private practice, it behooves you to consider enrolling in a reputable certification program. Many define the current state of the practice of EFT in the United States as the “wild, wild, West”. This is because the practice of EFT is unregulated and anyone can claim the title “EFT/Tapping practitioner.” Since it is not possible in the United States to become licensed as an EFT practitioner, the smartest choice is to become a certified practitioner. Certification helps the practitioner demonstrate a level of skill, competency and professionalism that is respected and meets the highest standards that currently exist. With increasing oversight of the field, the importance of certification is sure to only increase.

Why Get Certified and Accredited through the EFT Tapping Training Institute™?

The directors of the EFT Tapping Training Institute™ are Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank. They have years of experience as teachers/trainers/mentors in EFT and have been awarded the status of Master Trainer of Trainers by the accrediting organization EFT International. They hold the highest ethical standards, integrate the most current research into their training and provide extensive support to those in the certification program. They teach and train hundreds of practitioners each year in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. They have been singled out and recommended in Practice EFT/Tapping in Integrity; Ethics, Legal Issues and Risk Management Strategies for EFT/Tapping Practitioners, by Midge Murphy PhD, JD when she offers “I can attest that they (Craig Weiner and Alina Frank) meet the criteria for providing a legitimate and professional EFT practitioner certification program.”

Certification begins with 3 days of live in-person or Online classroom instruction taught by trainers (Alina Frank, Craig Weiner or in tandem) regarding the techniques and skills required to be a certified practitioner. This is followed by an extensive process of individual and small group mentoring. The certification track is not time based, but typically occurs over a 6-12 month period (which can occur online) and observation, critique and support are provided to be able to successfully pass the required evaluations, examinations, written and observed review of client sessions and case studies. Included within certification is skill based outcomes for working effectively with a wide variety of client conditions, professional ethics and risk management and much more.

The terms “Certification” and “Accreditation” refer to the process by which practitioners, first learn EFT from their Trainer and Mentor and are assessed to document that they have reached the standard required to start to practice safely and effectively (certification). An individual can begin with achieving the status of Certified EFT Practitioner. If they choose they may then choose to continue on to reach the status of Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. This process can be achieved through the EFT Tapping Training Institute™. If additional accreditation is desired through EFT International, the EFT Level 1-2 training must either be taken or repeated as a live in-person or Online training as well as several other requirements including the passing of an online examination.

I have been teaching and studying EFT since 1996. I learned valuable updates in tapping and dropped old habits that were not helpful. No matter how long you have used or studied EFT you MUST study with Craig Weiner and Alina Frank to refine your EFT skills. They are master instructors in every sense.

— Joan Kaylor, LCSW

What People are Saying Who Have Trained at the EFT Tapping Training Institute™

Becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner has significantly enhanced my work as a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor. Without completing the certification process I could not effectively nor ethically offer EFT to my clients. EFT certification is a “must have” for any licensed or certified helping professional. Without it, both client and professional are at risk for a less-than-the-best experience and outcome.

— Rochel Murnighan, MA, LISAC, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Mentorship with Alina gave me excellent training in EFT techniques as well as skill in working with a variety of clients and issues. In addition to one-on-one sessions, the online Monthly Mentoring Group meetings gave us mentees an opportunity to ask questions of both Craig and Alina in a warm, supportive community. Their integrity and genuine concern for my success was evident throughout. I couldn’t be happier with my Certification journey!

— Carol L. Shirley Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

Alina and Craig are amazing trainers/mentors for me. Their gentle and safe manner gives their mentees a sense of acceptance and a great model to follow.

— Jan Foster, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

The training was excellent. There was clear instruction mixed with actual practice. There were algorithms that I could hang onto. I recommend this program for anyone wanting to learn this and have a legitimate practice and certification. I am proud of this training.

— Leslie Cole, MD Certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine

I have completed my EFT training with Alina and Craig and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I went to the training specifically to become more skilled at EFT and to find out more about getting certified. I could not have asked for a more professional, yet relaxed experience. It was an honor to be taught by such masterful, knowledgeable, experienced, down-to-Earth people. I feel as though I met some wonderful souls and that because of this training and experience that I am on the right path, with the right people, to becoming certified in EFT. Thank you Alina and Craig for sharing your talents, and love of EFT, with us all.

— Deneen Schreiner, EFT Practitioner in Training

While searching for the EFT certification teacher and mentor that would suit my style of learning, I kept being drawn to Craig. I reached out to him and registered for the certification/mentoring program he runs with Alina Frank. Not only did my skills as an EFT practitioner increase, the personal growth I experienced being in their EFT community was like nothing I ever experience before. They are both extremely knowledgeable, supportive, professional, inspiring and by being mentored by one of them, you get the bonus of hearing a different perspective from the other during the monthly mentoring calls.

— Carol Richard Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, Prince Edwards Island, Canada

Levels of Practitioner EFT Certification

Certified EFT Practitioner with the EFT Tapping Training Institute™

The pre-requisite for achieving certification is having already attended an EFT Level 1-2 course. In addition, an application must be submitted to initiate the process followed by an interview with one of our two trainer mentors. The certification process requires an intensive mentoring and assessment process. Students must successfully complete the following minimum competency requirements:

  • Receive 6 hours of 1:1 mentoring with Alina or Craig. Mentoring typically is conducted on a virtual on-line platform. Unlimited email communication is offered with your mentor.
  • Successful passing of a written multiple choice examination.
  • Complete a minimum of 50 EFT sessions working with at least 20 different individuals. that your mentor will review. Each session must be a minimum of 45-minutes in length to successfully reach the standard of skills required to complete their certification.
  • Submit to Trainer / Mentor a minimum 2 written multi-session (Discovery Session plus 4 – 5 client sessions) Client Case Studies (on separate individuals) and 1 Personal Case Study consisting of at least 6 hours of self applied EFT. Case studies must demonstrate competent, professional, and individualized application of foundational EFT skills acquired during EFT Levels 1 and 2 training and post-training practice and experience. These will all be reviewed by your mentor with feedback given.
  • Provide 2 video recorded demonstrations of EFT sessions and discuss this session with their Mentor.
  • Additional learning opportunities include: free access to repeat Level 1-2 courses during the Term of this Agreement (In person or via Zoom) as space is available. Priority admission for the limited spots available given to those mentees who are near completion of their certification and are needing to repeat Levels 1-2 in order to graduate.
  • You will receive additional support and communication with unlimited access to Craig and Alina’s feedback and to all resources in a private/secret online forum with the ability to work/swap with other mentees for your required sessions.
  • Required participation in a minimum of 6 monthly live Zoom training calls (limited to 8 students or less) and access to previously recorded training calls.

Certification through the EFT Tapping Training Institute™ also requires:

Mentoring: 12 hours of mentoring including 6 hours of private 1:1 mentoring with your mentor and a minimum of 6 hours of small group mentoring. Cost: $1500 – $2000

Completion of the Tapping out of Trauma training, offered online twice per year in Spring and Fall. Cost: $399

A minimum of 6 hours of personal EFT sessions with an approved (by us) certified EFT practitioner. Cost: $510 paid directly to your practitioner

Taking the online EFT Risk Management course, passing the examination and receiving a Certificate of Completion created by Midge Murphy. Cost: $150

For Obtaining Advanced Certification Status

It is required that you wait one full year between receiving your first and second level of advanced certification. An application must be submitted to initiate the process followed by an interview with one of our two trainer mentors. The requirements for advanced certification status include attendance of a level 3 workshop, two video recorded sessions evaluated by your mentoring supervisor, along with one personal case study, and two multiple-session case studies. You will also need to complete six hours of 1:1 mentoring sessions as above with your mentor and six hours of small group mentoring.

If you were certified under another trainer/system, once accepted you would then have the additional requirements of taking Tapping out of Trauma and the online Risk Management Course.

Liability Insurance is required of all Advanced students.

Trainer Level Status

We accept a select number of advanced practitioners each year who qualify and are interested in attaining master trainer status. Please click here to fill out a short application so we schedule a video conference to discuss our training trainers program in detail.

For the additional step of Accreditation along with membership with our sister organization, EFT International, here are the additional requirements:

Once the Candidate has completed all of the requirements and the Mentor is confident that Candidate has met the competencies and standards for Practitioner Level set by EFT International, Mentor will inform the EFT International Membership Secretary that all requirements have been met. The Membership Secretary will then invite the Candidate (via email) to upgrade their membership on from EFT Student to Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.

Post-certification Mentoring is 6 hours annual mentoring (individual or group of 8 or less) with an EFT International Master Trainer / Mentor or Approved Mentor (a Certified, Advanced EFT Practitioner who has been approved by EFT International to offer annual Mentoring.

To maintain EFT International Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner status, members must fulfill annual CPD and post-certification mentoring requirements. CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is 30 hours of EFT-related study (i.e. videos, workshops, books, audio presentations, etc.).

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Please note that at this time we only accept those individuals that we have personally trained.

Please review the certification mentoring agreement or the advanced certification mentoring agreement and fees/payment options in advance of your consultation.

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Please note that at this time we only accept those individuals that we have personally trained.

Please review the certification mentoring agreement or the advanced certification mentoring agreement and fees/payment options in advance of your consultation.

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