EFT MBA Mastering Business Acumen

Discover the Art and Science of Building a Successful EFT Business

Are You Out There Helping People With Tapping, Changing The World One Person At A Time, Yet You Still Aren’t Meeting Your Financial Goals?

You’re out there, working hard, doing your best, trying to succeed as a practitioner, but your practice is not where you thought it would be. Perhaps you are completing your training and you want to make sure that your practice starts off with a bang and you are looking for some help. The problem is that many of the courses and success coaches out there don’t really understand the unique problems that you face as an EFT coach. Do they know about the legal aspects of an EFT practice? Do they teach you how to choose your niche market and why that is so critical to your success? Do they walk you through how to put yourself out there authentically and stand head and shoulders above the mass of healers and coaches that are competing for your clients?

We’ve Been There!

Alina had been happy as an EFT coach with a small part-time practice that allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom. Then a few things happened … Alina used all her tapping skills to ask for a divorce. Her soon-to-be-ex’s business tanked and she realized that soon she would have little financial means. All of a sudden, she needed to support herself and her 9 and 11 year-old kids. She became determined that her EFT practice was just the way she would be able to do just that!Meanwhile, a few miles south, on the same island…Craig was ending his marriage and dividing all his assets during the sudden economic downturn, when his business almost came to a crashing halt…When they met, they were both in the middle of the biggest financial declines of their lives! They had to sell their homes during the worst real estate market in recent history and start again from scratch.

But They Moved On! Despite the huge losses, they had a few things going for them:

1. They had both built successful businesses in the past.
2. They got crystal clear about what made them happy.
3. Most importantly, they knew EFT and believed they could conquer anything!

Just Two Years Later….

They bought a new home and office space with a view of the water, their workshops started filling, they created a number of highly acclaimed products that sell while they sleep, they created a work schedule with clients of 3 and 1/2 days a week, and now easily earn a healthy income while making a big impact in the world.


As they went to EFT conferences, they talked to many EFT coaches who wanted to know how did they manage to pull it all off? What they found was that many EFT practitioners were brilliant at tapping but they just didn’t have the business experience or marketing skill-sets to succeed and as a result, struggled to turn their passion into profit.

They heard horror stories about how many “internet marketing experts” were just dead wrong when they tried to apply their generic marketing programs to their EFT business. Practitioners became frustrated and overwhelmed by the gurus who assumed that they could easily implement the technology necessary to put their suggestions into place.

EFT coaches from around the world began asking for their help. As a result, they built the EFT Mastering Business Acumen Program to help people just like you.


“This is a good foundation-building program for anyone who has never started a business. It gives you a path to take that is focused, the information you need to get started and tapping partners to support you along the way! I saved oodles of researching time. Starting a business by yourself can be a lonely, daunting process. The support from tapping partners, group’s private forum, and the Q & A calls was extremely helpful and what is missing for many who attempt to create a viable EFT practice.“

Christine Hunt ,Weight Loss and Body Image expert at www.huntforhopewellness.com

The EFT MBA program is designed to meet the needs of EFT coaches and health care professionals that include tapping in their practice and businesses. Alina and Craig decided that people didn’t need lots of technological skill to get them to the next level, but they did need a plan. EFT MBA focuses on niche development, mindset tapping to neutralize blocks to success, creating professional referral relationships, and gives you many options for how to create a dream practice. They let you do what you want to do, what you do best – work with clients while achieving your money goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

EFT MBA: From Coach to Business Owner

This 6 month program allows you to start wherever you are (certified or not) and by the end you will have a clear marketing plan in place to create the kind of practice that YOU want.

Monthly Training Calls
Step-by-step training calls designed to take you through the foundation of either opening your business or taking your practice to the next level of success. The calls cover everything from what it takes to get your shingle hung, to developing your niche, building referral relationships, establishing proper business protocols, learning how to effectively speak privately and publicly about your work, how to turn audiences into paying clients, developing your online presence and much more.
Monthly Mindset Mastery Calls
Each month you will also have the opportunity to participate in Question and Answer calls with Borrowing Benefits and Tapping. Why? Because tapping is the most effective way we know of to quickly bust through any beliefs and blocks that are holding you back. And after all, isn’t that what you are coaching your clients to do?
Flexibility: All calls are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.
Built In Accountability
You will be assigned to a different MBA partner each month for tapping exchanges, support, and an added level of accountability. Our experience shows that this is a crucial key in supporting students to keep to their word and commitments to themselves and it results in the achievement of the greatest results.
24/7 Personal Support
You have access to us 24/7 through a members-only forum where you can ask questions, share your successes and ask for support.
Complete Course Manual

You will receive on Day One of the course, a complete manual with extensive lesson descriptions, continually updated resource links and graphics that correlate to the monthly training module.

Supplemental Audio Library with our Team of Experts
We have put together a team of of practice-building superstars who offer inside information and strategies regarding the development of a thriving practice. These are internationally recognized experts in their unique fields that made themselves available to share their business acumen.
Complimentary Admission to LIVE Mindfulness Money Mastery Workshop
This weekend workshop is presented by us twice each year and will transform your relationship with money. This is an essential piece of developing a six figure practice. $395 value
Professional Credential in Legal Issues & Risk Management Strategies for EFT Practitioners
As an added benefit to the program, we’ve incorporated into the core curriculum an online certificate course addressing legal issues and risk management strategies for EFT practitioners. For your success, it’s imperative that you have an understanding of and can demonstrate a level of competency in the legalities of using EFT in your practice or business. Upon successful completion of the course you receive a Certificate of Completion which is a valuable credential for your EFT practice.
Morphic Field Access through a Transformational Facilitation Process
A session uniquely tailored to access the morphic field and your energetic signature for what wants to emerge through you at this particular time. This prevents you from spinning your wheels and facilitates you finding the best way for you to build your practice. This will help you focus and align with the unique higher purpose of your work, allowing your energy and effort to flow with a minimum of struggle. Complete with a post-session report with graphs and charts showing where your highest resonance is for that which needs to emerge. (We personally found this process so profoundly useful, that we successfully begged these two international consultants to develop a specialized discounted package for our students.)
Exclusive Member Discount for EFT Website Design Packages
It took us years to find web developers who not only understand the EFT business, but are timely, reliable, efficient and brilliant. Whether you are building a new website or are ready for a revamp of your existing site, we are thrilled to offer access to web design services to our members at an amazingly affordable fee.


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“The layout of the EFT MBA program was excellent, the module sequence was perfect! This experience covered a whole range of emotions, tactics and possibilities. The EFT MBA program gives me the opportunity to evolve as time passes by. I now have the tools to adapt and change my business as I myself change. Even though I live and work in Europe and had a huge time difference it was well worth the time, financial and energy investment. Thank you Alina and Craig.“

Sandra Bensaude, www.aliviodadorfisicaeemocional.com

EFT MBA with V.I.P. Package

All of the Above PLUS

Private Transformational Facilitation Process (We Pay For This!)
A session uniquely tailored to access the morphic field and your energetic signature for what wants to emerge through you at this particular time. This prevents you from spinning your wheels and facilitates you finding the best way for you to build your practice. This will help you focus and align with the unique higher purpose of your work, allowing your energy and effort to flow with a minimum of struggle. Complete with a post session report with graphs and charts showing where your highest resonance is for that which needs to emerge.
Monthly Private Strategy/Tapping Sessions
These private sessions include laser coaching and tapping through any issues that are impeding your progress.
Three “Going Deep” Sessions
Pull up a chair, get a pot of tea, turn on your Skype, pull out your checklist-this is the Get-It-Done-In-A-Few-Hours With-Our-Help-Step. This is hand-holding time to ensure the successful progression of this system. Forget about good intentions that go by the wayside, this is Action Time. $ Priceless
Alina and Craig VIP Weekly Office Hours
We make ourselves available by the phone/Skype to our EFT MBA VIP’s for immediate answers.


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“It gave me the opportunity to explore my options and look at other ways to expand my business. Listening to the other students was informative. Hearing Alina work with them gave me a lot of insight into how to work with my own clients. I wouldn’t be where I am without Craig and Alina – loving life for the first time ever!”
Debbie Shelton


Alina has conducted EFT trainings throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico and has received five-star ratings from Tapping International, YELP, Google Plus Places and EFT Universe. She has also conducted Matrix Reimprinting EFT trainings throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, and Mexico. Alina is the founder and current organizer of the annual Northwest EFT Tappers Gathering, offers free EFT to emergency responders through Whidbey CareNet, and is a master presenter for the Warriors Wellness Project’s Trauma Tune-Up. She has been a contributing author in various EFT books including the EFT Clinical Handbook, Heal Yourself with EFT, and Raising a Winning Student.

Craig enjoys building community and connecting people to new information, new pathways, and each other. He is a chiropractor, EFT trainer and the director of the Change Your Mind Transformational Dialogue show, interviewing thought leaders in mind/body medicine, including Candace Pert PhD, Bruce Lipton PhD, Bernie Siegel MD, Larry Dossey MD, Gary Craig, Dawson Church PhD, David Feinstein PhD, and many more. Craig’s work has been published in the Clinical EFT Handbook, Chiropractic Insights, and Lilipoh magazine. He’s also been often referred to as “Mr. Networker” and he shows the EFT MBA students how to build a referral network in a natural organic way.


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