EFT Marketing and Business Academy

Learn the Five Secrets to a Rockin’ EFT Practice

ATTENTION TAPPING COACHES: This is the missing ingredient you need!

Whether you’re excitedly going through your tapping certification and can’t wait to start seeing paying clients OR you’re in the field and frustrated that despite your tapping skills, you still aren’t making a decent living, then we have solutions that will enable you to build the successful EFT business that you deserve.

Go ahead and close your eyes and see if you can envision this:

  • You are delivering great EFT sessions to people who need what you offer all around the world
  • You feel confident about how to tell everyone (including your family) what you do without flinching
  • You now exactly how you’re going to market your business authentically
  • You are charging what your services are worth
  • All completely at ease about being seen and heard on a much bigger stage
Tammy Hardin

“I love the fact that Alina and Craig are so committed to seeing EFT practitioners thrive. I love that. They are not just looking for a quick buck. This program is worth every penny. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or brand new to the field of EFT, this is a great resource to help build your practice.”
Tammy Hardin, EFT practitioner

Why choose THIS program? There are certainly other Business Coaching and Success Programs out there, but:

  • We are the ONLY ones that exclusively work with tapping coaches because of the unique challenges that you face.
  • We focus on drawing out your authentic voice so that clients will want YOU as their coach.
  • We provide proven step-by-step, soup-to-nuts marketing strategies.
  • We teach you how to put yourself “out there” while tapping to release the fear of success or the fear of failure.
Helena Green

“Alina and Craig were able to help me discover my market niche that defines and sets my practice apart. I would recommend this comprehensive business training for any practitioner who is serious about a professional, sustainable business practice.”
Helena Green, psychotherapist

What Will You Achieve in this 12 Month Program:

We show you what it takes to hang your shingle and get your business off the ground while developing your online presence and building your referral network. We teach you how to create business opportunities that turn leads into paying clients.

Six Private Strategy/Tapping Sessions: These private sessions include laser coaching and tapping through any issues that are impeding your progress.

Six “Going Deep” Sessions: These are the Get-It-Done-In-A-Few-Hours With-Our-Help meetings. This is Action Time.

Alina and Craig VIP Personal Access: We make ourselves available by phone/Skype appointments and email to our EFT MBA VIP’s for immediate answers.

Gain Marketing Know-How:
Through monthly recorded live calls, complemented by a complete business manual, you will learn the formula for creating and manifesting a thriving EFT business.
Busting Through Blocks:
Every month you participate in powerful tapping calls designed specifically to break through any fears and doubts you have along the way.
Built-In Support System:
You will be assigned a business-buddy for tapping exchanges, support and an added level of accountability.
All Your Questions Answered:
You have access to the instructors 24/7 through a members-only forum.
Clear Your Money Roadblocks:
Attend the live workshop that will transform your relationship to money. This is an essential piece for developing a six figure practice.
Legal Risk Management Strategies:
Designed to protect and empower you and your business.
Discounted Website Design Packages:
It took us years to find web developers who really understand the EFT business. Whether you are building a new website or are ready for a site remodel, we have affordable, reliable, efficient and creative web experts available.

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“I wouldn’t be where I am without Craig and Alina – loving life for the first time ever!”
Debbie Shelton, EFT MBA grad 2014

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“I realize you put this course together based on your own experiences, successes, challenges, steep learning curves, etc., and opted to shared your “lessons learned”. The order, the format, the quantity and quality of the information you share is precisely what ~I suspect~, you believe (retrospectively) would have got you where you wanted to be in the most efficient, effective, practical, and useful way. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from your journey -what you have put together is amazing.

The organization of the course and the suggested exercises so far have really, in my opinion, put the emphasis exactly where it needs to be. I’ve been working at what is now my “niche” thanks to your exercises for years and now wheels are in motion, I have an abundance of material to help me produce some fun bits, like a 1-hour talk (just about ready), a workshop series for the community, a formal presentation of my own theory, and where EFT fits into the whole picture. The structure of the course takes the overwhelm out of getting ready to flip the sign to “open”. It’s a sure, sequential way of getting all of the essentials in place in the right sequence. No more of the chicken and egg. Your manual gives me a gentle reminder that what I’m “not currently working” on is coming…all in due time. I’m feeling quite confident!”
Manon Sookocheff, Ph.D.


We are the creators of the EFT MBA success program. We created this program because we have been where you are. We struggled and even lost our homes. We spent thousands of dollars on programs and business coaching that did not understand the unique challenges that an EFT practice faces. In finding what worked for us and what didn’t, what propelled our business and what squandered time and energy, we are able to save you the headaches that we had to endure. For over a decade we have provided successful business mentoring to hundreds of EFT coaches around the world.

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Elda Dorothy

I now have a very specific niche that I am reaching out to in speaking engagements, on social media, with regular blogging and newsletters. I have referral partners…NOW I’m able to capture people’s attention right away and that is helping me get known out there as the ‘go to’ person for my field. THANK YOU Alina and Craig for a very worthwhile and enjoyable investment for my business!” Elda Dorothy CompassionateTruth.com

Dr. Kristina Rice-Erso

“I have been a successful health care professional with over 40 years of expertise yet I did not understand nor appreciate the many unique aspects of integrating energy psychology methods to build a successful coaching practice. The EFT MBA program gave me all the tools I needed to build my dream practice! Thank you Alina and Craig!” Dr. Kristina Rice-Erso WomenEmergingAfterCancer.com